Short Term Medical ID Cards & EDD (Electronic Document Delivery)

Thank you for choosing a Short Term Medical plan underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. To help keep premiums low, we have moved to an Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) process. Documents are accessible through shortly after a plan has been issued. This allows for quicker online access to ID cards and policy pages while reducing the amount of resources used to print these items.

How to Access Short Term Medical ID cards:

  • When an application is submitted online, a Thank You page will appear. This page contains an application ID number which is important to have to register for, be sure to keep this number.
    • Important: Please note the email address submitted on the application is the email address used to initially communicate to the applicant.
  • The applicant will receive an email from, 24-48 hours after the coverage has been issued. A letter will also be mailed.
  • The email will have a link to to register. (Remember the application ID number from the “Thank You” page will be needed.)
    • If registration is not yet available (sometimes there can be a couple day delay), the Account Center is also available to use to print a temporary ID card. The Account Center is the same place the applicant used to log in to finish the application electronically, and will need to log in with the same information as before.
  • Once registered on, under “Quick Links” menu on the right-hand side, there is an option to “Print or Request ID Card”.
  • The first option on this page is to download a PDF document of the ID card.
    • Important: This PDF will open in a new window. Be sure “pop-ups” are enabled so the download is not blocked.
  • Once the PDF is open, pages 3 & 4 display the front and back of the ID card. When printed front and back on the same page, the front and back of the card should line up.
  • Print PDF document for a paper copy of the Short Term Medical ID card.
  • The ID Card PDF can be opened and printed multiple times. If the covered persons on the card change, use these steps to print a new ID card with the correct names on the card.